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Don’t Get Too Close (Pre-Order all sizes (eu37 in stock))

Don’t Get Too Close (Pre-Order all sizes (eu37 in stock))

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1OF1 Reworked KIDSAINT x CONVERSE Custom Shoes Pre-Order

ESTIMATED 3-5 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. This armor is made individually for you after you place an order. One pair of eu37 is ready to ship.


Each pair is 1of1 and hand-made by one artist. You will receive Reworked customized CONVERSE shoes with metal and plastic spikes covered with black 3D paint. You’re free to request small changes in color by adding a note to your order, or e-mail/ dm us on instagram with a screenshot of your order.

Please Note that the shoes you receive may be slightly different from the original piece. Each pair is individually hand-made for each warrior.

Please Note that the shoes are upcycled, which means that we customize USED shoes, we prepare them for you by cleaning them and adding new laces and insoles. You will see small signs of normal wear. The idea of upcycling comes from our goal to save our Earth and Future by turning old clothes to Gold. Fast Fashion destroys our Planet enough, and making new garments means just adding fuel to this Fire of Destruction.

SIZE: We recommend choosing a slightly bigger size just to be safe. See the Chart in the Photos. Choose your Size out of variants or e-mail us if you don’t see it available. (For example, if you’re eu39.5)

— One-of-a-kind & Hand-Made.

— Steel and Plastic Spikes. 

— Acrylic paint or 3D paint all-over to create a punk outsider effect.

— Original KIDSAINT design.

— Shows small signs of normal wear.

— Cleaned and Prepared for the Warrior, new insoles, new laces.

— Sustainably Sourced and upcycled, which saves water, carbons, Earth, and our Future.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand-Wash. Don’t leave under extreme heat.

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