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I See Signs (L)

I See Signs (L)

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1OF1 Jacket Screen-Printed, Airbrushed, Hand-Painted on both sides.

SIZE: L  ( Length: 80cm, Chest: 120cm, Shoulders: 52cm, Sleeve: 72cm)



“MOM SAYS I AM TALENTED” is a collection of sincere, “imperfect”, and free-styled pieces, where KIDSAINT expresses their thoughts and feelings without prioritizing perfection. This is the place where “imperfect” shows it’s true beauty. 

— One of a kind.


— Hand-Painted, Screen-Printed, Airbrushed on both sides with detailed angelic images.

— Made with good quality fabric ink.

— 2 outer pockets.

— Original KIDSAINT design.

— Sustainably Sourced and upcycled, which saves water, carbons, Earth, and our Future.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Delicate Machine Wash or  Hand-Wash with liquid mild detergent. 

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