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It Gets Better (L)

It Gets Better (L)

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1OF1 "Levi’s” Zip-Up Hoodie Customized by KIDSAINT

SIZE: L (labeled as XL but feels as L) (length: 72cm, chest: 116cm, shoulders: 51cm, sleeve: 71cm)

100% cotton 


The placement of symbols from the Angelic Realm on all sides is intended to create a sphere of Divine Energy around you. Here: Metatron’s Cube, Cherubim, Intuition (Stars), Thrones, Demon Slayer, and Seraph.

Main purpose of KIDSA1NT ARMORS is to protect people who don’t fit in. We believe that wearing clothes with Angels can help others attract divine things into their lives.

— One of a kind.

— Screen-Printed & Hand-Painted with fabric ink.

— Extra Special Seraph Charm on the zipper.

— Hand-Stitched.

— Original KIDSAINT design.

— Sustainably Sourced and Upcycled, which saves water, earth, carbons, and our Future.


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