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Angel of Presence (Marlboro(XL))

Angel of Presence (Marlboro(XL))

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1OF1 Custom Vintage 90s Marlboro Classics Jacket hand-painted & screen-printed all-over

SIZE: XL (eu52) (length: 82cm
chest: 134cm
shoulders: 55cm
sleeve: 62cm)

90% cotton 10% polyurethane 

The model is 188cm 78kg usually wears L. 


I always wondered why looking at tree branches is so calming, and i realized that it was Presence that made my thoughts stop. Being Here Now, in the timeless reality, beyond the veil of form and separation. In this New Era of drawing Trees I’m discovering the stillness of my Presence, the calmness I get from drawing nature’s gifts is healing me, and I hope wearing this jacket will heal you too.

I often have this random tactile hallucination of roots penetrating my entire body and everything around me which intensifies as i grow older, and because of this sensation trees and roots mean a lot to me. 

— Original Rare Vintage 90s Marlboro Classics Jacket.

— One of a kind. 

— Hand-Painted & Screen-Printed all over with high-quality black fabric paint with silver effect.

— Leather Collar

— 3 outer pockets, 2 inner pockets.

— Original KIDSAINT design.

— Sustainably Sourced and upcycled, which saves water, carbons, Earth, and our future.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Delicate Machine wash or Hand-Wash in cold water with liquid mild detergent. 

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