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1OF1 Hand-Painted Suede Jacket

SIZE: 3XL (L: 80cm, Chest: 134cm, Waist: 128cm Sleeve: 78cm (from sleeve end till the collar)


this jacket is a depiction of the God's eye staring back at those who wanna harm you. they say that whenever a person thinks bad about the other and envies, if they close their eyes, they will see this eye staring back at them. It’s about being Protected by God and Angel Realm in your day-to-day life. i believe that this armor guards and guides you to the better life. If i believe this as a creator, so be it your protective shield from evil eye and any harm.

"may any evil eye upon me go blind."

- Hand-Painted & Cured

- Suede fabric 

- Sustainably Sourced

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand-Wash with liquid mild detergent. 

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